Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Jackson Caesar

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Jackson Caesar

P.O. Box 6072

Hyattsville, MD 20782

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If you desire that your name, company and/or organization is printed in the program, please respond no later than Thursday, November 15th 2018.  (Please make checks payable to Jackson Caesar).  Remember, a portion of the ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Life Pieces to Masterpieces Organization.

Purchase via PAYPAL $25.00

Tis the season, live concert!

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Save the date: Thursday, November 29th 2018 7:00pm


The Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia Jeff Dokken, Conductor

An all-male chorus and a Jazz band.  Special guest appearance by Twelve time award winner, Shirley Caesar. (My Aunt)

University of the District of Columbia Theater of the Arts (at Windom Place)

4200 Connceticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008

A portion of the proceeds go to:

One of Washington, DC’s most distinguished nonprofit organizations, Life Pieces to Masterpieces.  They provide to hundreds of African American young men and boys growing up in Washington, DC’s most poverty-stricken and volatile neighborhoods.    


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General Admission:   www.eventbrite.com

On sale Tuesday, October 16th- Thursday, November 29th 2018        $25.00

Contact: 202.276.6130 Jacksoncaesar@gmail.com

​​*Songs of Inspiration and Love*

Music defined is very broad, especially when we consider the diversities of this world.  It is my belief that music is defined with just three basic elements:  Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. In this trinity we find the very essence of our planet- Music. With this key, I am empowered with the capacity, opportunities, and responsibilities to further global cognition.  I  strive to be a leading voice in our diverse world, performing songs that are relevant to the needs of our hearts.​​

Mission:  To utilize my talents, given from a higher being, through study, performance, and life experiences- in and through music and the arts.  I seek to engage my audiences in the discovery and appreciation of the musical styles of yesterday and today.  I believe I have been given the task to sing songs that touch, move and inspire.  Therefore, I am committed to upholding a standard of excellence in all musical endeavors.

Music to touch, move & inspire