Updated:  November,  2020

Music to touch, move & inspire

Jackson Caesar, tenor, is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He is one of Washington, DC’s prominent male vocalists. An American singer, recording artist, songwriter, arranger, producer, motivational coach, and teacher.  Notable instruments; Piano and percussions. He has wowed audiences with his talent and skills performing in four languages and five genres, attracting crowds of various ethnic backgrounds.  Praised for his distinguished stage presence, extended high range, light lyrical tones, fine diction, song interpretation, and vocal phrasing. Caesar’s talent is best described: (G.R.I.P.) Graceful, Refreshing, Inspiring, and Powerful.

Caesar is often called upon to perform at Ballroom events, Private and Public receptions, Gala's, Weddings, Funerals, other special occasions. (See his booking page)

Jhon Ochoa (Photographer)

Jackson Caesar

Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Jackson Caesar.  I'm excited to know that you've taken time out of your busy schedule to pay me a visit.  It is my hope that you'll be impressed with not only what you see, but also what you hear.

Vocal Performer & Entertainer


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Hyattsville, MD 20782



​​​​*Songs of Inspiration and Love*

Music defined is very broad, especially when we consider the diversities of this world.  It is my belief that music is best defined with just three basic elements:  Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony.  In this trinity we find the very essence of our planet- Music. With this key, I am empowered with the capacity, opportunities, and responsibilities to further global cognition.  I  strive to be a leading voice in our diverse world, performing songs that are relevant to the needs of our hearts.​​

Mission:  To utilize my talents, given from a higher being, through study, performance, and life experiences- in and through music and the arts.  I seek to engage my audiences in the discovery and appreciation of the musical styles of yesterday and today.  I believe I have been given the task to sing songs that touch, move and inspire.  Therefore, I am committed to upholding a standard of excellence in all musical endeavors.

Projects from Jackson Caesar, coming soon...

  • CD Project:  Fall 2017
    • Tis the Season! (Christmas & Holiday Music)
      • Recorded with live musicians, an all male chorus, and five languages (English, Spanish, French, Shona [Zimbabwe], and Latin).  Experience jazz, pop inspirational, gospel, Celtic, and classic Christmas/Holiday tunes.

  • CD Project:  Fall 2020
    • Spirituals: Celebrating the Music, Life, & Legacy of Roland Hayes
      • This is one of the most unique things to hit the music industry.  Roland Hayes, one of the most influential artists in the history of the United States.  Presented in a double-disc audio format.  One disc showcases 20 song selections from the songbook:  30 of my Favorite Spirituals from Roland Hayes. The other disc showcases a dramatic narration in the words of Roland Hayes with an emphasis on the Spirituals in this collection.

  • CD Project:  Spring 2022
    • ​A Time and a Season for Hymns
      • ​This project was inspired by my great Aunt, Shirley Caesar.  It had never occurred to me to record one until she had asked.  Therefore, this album is dedicated to both her and my grandfather (her brother) Julius Caesar.  

  • Book:  Fall 2021
    • Singer Secrets: A Guide to Interpretations
      • This is a self-help book based on my teaching methods in Voice.  To anyone who seeks to know more about how the voice functions this is for you.  by way of expressions (the universal language).  Geared to help the reader understand how expressions (The universal language) communicate by singing.  These interpretative skills support the following areas:  singing, public speaking, and acting.

  • CD Project:  Spring 2023
    • A Season of Jazz & Swing Music 
      • This project is by popular demand.  When it comes to ballroom music, receptions, or social parties, you’ll find that this project is appropriate for the occasion.  I am proud to share with you some of the greatest songs ever written in the history of the United States; just a few of my favorite jazz and swing selections.  

  • CD Project:  Fall 2023
    • The Four Seasons
      • Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for…ORIGINAL MUSIC.  Sometimes it takes a season or two in order to finally bloom.  This project is a collection of original songs presented in the most unique fashion.  Think, SOUNDTRACK and or DISNEY music...the kind of music that takes you on an adventure.  This collection features four seasons and four languages.  I’m very proud and honored to present new and original music that showcases more of who Jackson Caesar is as an artist, songwriter, and arranger.  The songs are uniquely designed to tell relatable stories based on the seasonal changes in our lives.

  • Book:  Spring 2025
    • Seasons
      • This is a young adult book.  This story is about a young boy's (Jason Season) life, music, and the legacy he left his town, his country, and eventually the impact on the world.  A young boy from a small town who is unlike his peers with physical disabilities, special abilities, and a unique personality (That's often misunderstood).  Born from a middle-class family with working parents and their own personal issues that build to the climax.  Seasons is a relatable book that deals with typical growing pains, acceptance, unique qualities and abilities, depression, creativity, and success after a tragedy.  This book will touch, move, and inspire you.