*Songs of Inspiration and Love*

There are three basic elements; Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. In this trinity we find the very essence of our planet- Music. With this key, I am empowered with the capacity, opportunities, and responsibilities to further global cognition.  I  strive to be a leading voice in our diverse world, performing songs that are relevant to the needs of our hearts.​​

Mission:  To utilize my talents, given from a higher being, through study, performance, and life experiences- in and through music and the arts.  I seek to engage my audiences in the discovery and appreciation of the musical styles of yesterday and today.  I believe I have been given the task to sing songs that touch, move and inspire.  Therefore, I am committed to upholding a standard of excellence in all musical endeavors.

Music to touch, move & inspire

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Upcoming Christmas/Holiday CD- 'Tis the Season!  This collaborative collection of music mirrors the diversities that our American Culture has adapted to.  Cultivating a full range of musical backgrounds, richly enhancing our understanding of musical expressions and challenging us to consider the meaning of this season (Christmas).  Featuring a well-orchestrated set of musical arrangements, all male chorus, and the musical diversities such as African and Latin Rhythms, Jazz, Funk-Rock, Celtic flare, and a medley of traditional Christmas and Holiday favorites.  It is my greatest pleasure to present to some and introduce to others, ‘Tis the Season!  

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Contact: 202.276.6130 Jacksoncaesar@gmail.com

Vocal Performer & Entertainer

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Jackson Caesar

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