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"Jackson Caesar is one of the most inspiring vocalist I had the pleasure of working with."- Willie Jolley, Award-Winning Singer, Best-selling author and National Television & Radio Personality. 

About the Artist
Benjamin Jackson Caesar,
bka, Jackson Caesar

His versatility has wowed audiences with his talent and skills, performing in four languages and five genres attracting crowds of various ethnic backgrounds.  Words and phrases that best describe his talent are; (G.R.I.P.) Graceful, Refreshing, Inspiring and Powerful. 

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Born October 15th, 1974) An American singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, coach and teacher.  Notable instruments are the piano and percussion.  Caesar is one of Washington, DC’s prominent male vocalists.  praised for his distinguished stage presence, extended high range, beautiful-light lyrical and pure tones, fine diction, song interpretation and phrasing. He is also known for his work within the concert/recital repertoires around the Washington, DC Metropolitan areas and performances with the Symphonic Orchestra of Northern Virginia, Jeff Dokken, conductor.

 Caesar credits himself as a Pop Inspirational singer.  “Music to touch, move, and inspire.”- Jackson Caesar

 His professional music career began (Spring 2009) in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Caesar is fortunate to have had a career built on “word of mouth” via his fans and supporters.  Often, he is called upon to sing for; weddings, funerals, private parties, churches, recitals etc.  His music education studies hail from; University of the District of Columbia, Voice under Nelda Ormond & Charlotte Hollowman, piano with Dr. Marva Cooper- Washington, DC, Private studies at: Oberlin Conservatory under Richard Miller,- Oberlin, OH, and Shenandoah University Conservatory under Dr. Kathryn Green,- Winchester, VA with an emphasis in Voice Pedagogy (CCM) Contemporary Commercial Music.  

Caesar began singing in church at the age of six and professional voice training at age 16.  He has held many leadership positions in the church such as Sunday School Teacher, Praise and Worship Leader, Church musician and choir director.  He has performed on many platforms such as the Kennedy Center, DAR Constitution Hall, Lafayette Park (Grounds of the White House), the World Bank, and many more.  In addition, various productions and performances such as; a Pop entertainer for Six Flags, Langston Hughes, “Don’t You Want to Be Free?”, “Ragtime” Broadway at the Lincoln Theatre (DC), “Treemonisha,” A Scott Joplin Opera, Gilbert and Sullivan (Operetta’s)- The Washington, DC Savoyard and Mozart’s “Don Giovanni Opera” as Don Ottavio.  Teaching:  Caesar has taught and accompanied the production “KIDS” at the Kelsie Collie Children’s Musical Experience.  Currently; working from home he coaches in the following areas:  pUBLIC sPEAKING, aCTING, vOICE, pIANO, AND SPANISH.  Caesar holds membership to the following organizations: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Member of the DC Chapter Grammy's, The Opera Guild of Northern Virginia (honorary), and a veteran member of the Heritage Signature Chorale, Stanley Thurston, director.  Fall of 2017, He released his first professional recording: "TIS THE SEASON!" (Holiday/christmas cd) available worldwide. 
Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Jackson Caesar