*Private lessons*

5 Subject areas:  

Voice, Piano, Acting Coach, Spanish, & Public Speaking.

(All lessons are from beginning, intermediate and advanced level students)

The rates are affordable and competitive for this area.  All lessons take place in my studio unless travel arrangements are made.  

$1.00 a minute.  It's just that simple!!  Therefore, if you sign up for 30 minutes or an hour, you pay $30.00 or $60.00.  

(Travel fees vary)

"Congratulations! You are in an elite group of our top ranked instructors in your city."- Brittany, account manager of Takelessons.

Honestly, it would be ideal to have an Agent or a Manager.  Until then, I am in need of assistance before, during, and after performances.

As a supporter of Jackson Caesar, I am writing to ask if you would have any interest in volunteering behind the scenes prior to my upcoming concerts and events?  If so, please click on the links below the paragraph for all inquiries.  You no doubt understand the enormous amount of work it takes to prepare for a singing engagement and due to the current economy finding help is quite scarce.  I have lost a number of volunteer supporters whose contributions would have made it easier for me to continue with these tasks.

Once I hear from you, you I'll be happy to address any further questions or concerns you may have.  In the meantime please feel free to reach me at: Jacksoncaesar@gmail.com, 202.276.6130.


Best, Sing'ya later~


B. Jackson Caesar

Please click on the links below to see how you qualify.

​​ Personal Assistant/Co-manager          Event Planner/Coordinator   Promotion Runner          Technical Support

Jhon Ochoa (Photographer)

Voice Lesson-His lesson was great!
My son didn't want to sing in front of someone before, but he enjoyed a lesson and he said he loves to sing a song now!
(Hiroto A.)

Volunteers: Positions/Opportunities/Duties

Jackson Coaching Studio
Welcome to the Jackson Caesar Coaching Studio! It pleases me to welcome you as a valued student. My job as your instructor/coach is to ensure that my students get the best knowledge and skills. 

I advocate a dynamic variety of approaches to your learning styles and trends. My interest is in the study of voice production; functionality, style/approach, health, and stage presence and as a result, my students are empowered with useful tools to reach their goals, confront and overcome common oppositions.

My teaching methods fall into these four categories: (D.A.D.E.)

• Discovery- Gathering relevant and resourceful information of voice functionality.
• Application- Putting technical skills to use and knowledge of when to use them.
• Development- Process learning- Changes cause/effects and as a result, progress, production, and      promise. “Trust the process.”
• Execute- To bring forth, carry out, and perform!

By signing up for lessons with Jackson, you will become a VIP member. What is a VIP member? VIP members have the inside opportunities to learn “singer secrets!”
• Vowels
• Interpretation
• P.E.P.T.-Talk (Details in your lesson)

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a questionnaire. The information you provide is vital because it shapes and designs your learning curriculum.

Contact: 202.276.6130 Jacksoncaesar@gmail.com

Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Spanish Lessons- He uses great teaching methods and puts forth much effort towards his lessons. I truly appreciated him taking his time with me. (Arian R.)

Public Speaking-Life Changer!! Lessons for life, ammo to give the "wow" effect, and confidence to move further in your life and career, is what you'll get with Mr. Jackson. Sign up... You'll be glad you did... (Maurice B.)

Jackson Caesar


Piano student-Jackson has been a superb teacher. He pushes me to become better each lesson and this has and is building my confidence even the more. I really appreciate his passion for music and how he EXPECTS me to bring my best every week and he teaches with a spirit of EXCELLENCE. I will highly recommend him to anyone.  (Keith M.)