Vocal Performer & Entertainer

  • Roun' about de Mountain0:00

  • Dry Bones2:46

  • Lit'l Boy3:16

  • I'll Make Me a Man0:00

Spirituals- Roland Hayes Arrangements

  • Did You Hear When Jesus Rose_0:00

Jackson Caesar

  • Mumberlin' Word (A Capella)0:00

Photography- Shaun Schroth

  • You Hear de Lambs-a-Cryin'?2:26

  • They Led My Lord Away3:06

Contact: 202.276.6130 Jacksoncaesar@gmail.com

Spirituals- Celebrating the Music, Life, and Legacy of Roland Hayes.  

In this concert/recital, I seek to help others understand the impact and contributions RH has made in our world throughout history.  My approach synthesizes elements of the Negro Spirituals, Religious Folk songs, and Spiritual-like tunes.  From the 30 of my Favorite Spirituals songbook, I am honored to share a 61 minute concert/recital of 20 song selections celebrating the remarkable art of the Religious Negro Spirituals designed in a song cycle format.  The dialogue and partnership of this music passes on the heritage and tradition that connects our diverse cultures and generations, thereby enriching and strengthening our American intellectual achievements.

 Roland Hayes (June 3, 1887- January 1, 1977) was an American lyric tenor. He is considered the first African-American male

concert artist to receive wide acclaim both at home and internationally.- Wikipedia

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