Trust the process!  Everything in life begins and ends with this...PROCESS!- B. Jackson Caesar

Jackson Caesar's vocal inspirations: (Male and Female)

Gospel/ Christian Artist           Rhythm & Blues                                Popular                           Jazz                               Classical

*   BeBe Winans                        *   Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds)     *  Whitney Houston        *   Nina Simone             *   Juan Diego Florez

*   Steve Green                          *   Kevon Edmonds (After 7)            *   Mariah Carey             *   Nancy Wilson           *    Placido Domingo

*   Larnelle Harris                       *   Pebo Bryson                                *   Barbara Striesand      *   Michael Buble           *   Leontine Price

*   Daryl Coley                           *    Billy Ocean                                  *    Andrea Bocelli           *   Kurt Elling                 *    Kathleen Battle

*   Donnie McCurklin                  *   Al Jareau                                      *   Peter Cetera               *  Sammy Davis Jr.      *   Lawrence Brownlee

*   David Phelps                         *   Luther VanDross                          *   Phil Collins                  *   Dean Martin

*   Sandy Patti                                                                                     *   Michael Jackson         *   Ella Fitzgerald

*   Yolanda Adams

It's not just in the pursuit of happiness, but rather in the pursuit of a peace of mind.  You'll be HAPPY to know that things are working out when you have PEACE (of mind).- ​B. Jackson Caesar

Popular quotes of B. Jackson Caesar

My favorite quote from the movie


"Win the crowd and you'll win your freedom!"

PATIENCE, Is only a VIRTUE, after you've endured the very thing you're dealing with.-B. Jackson Caesar

Truth: anything that has been defined and morally accepted.- B. Jackson Caesar

The main ingredient for education is the ability to define terms and apply them.- B. Jackson Caesar

Sing'ya later!~ B. Jackson Caesar


Jackson Caesar

DREAM vs FAME:  Follow your DREAMS, not the FAME...Keep your DREAMS alive!  Many are stressed and discouraged because of following the fame, and fortune, causing them to neglect their dreams.  Peace comes with the DREAM.  Temporary happiness comes with the Fame and Fortune.- B. Jackson Caesar

Change like water must be embraced and adapted to. You can go with the flow or against it. It can calm you or overwhelm you. Change, like water is simple and complex, inconsistent, yet consistent, and the most powerful AND resourceful element God has given our planet with two guarantees: LIFE & CHANGES.

- B. Jackson Caesar

“Breathing is timing, timing is measured-patience, and your duration is continued success.” - Jackson Caesar

Knowing the truth sets you free from CONFUSION!- B. Jackson Caesar

You should never feel intimidated by someone who appears to be more talented or skilled than you are.  All you need is discipline.  Simply put in the time and you too can have what they have. - B. Jackson Caesar

Don't worry, everything in creation has a just needs your patience.- B. Jackson Caesar

Skill (Technique) takes nothing away from your talent...rather, it enhances your talent to suit the audience.-B. Jackson Caesar

Music to Touch, Move, and Inspire!- ​B. Jackson Caesar

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It's in the subtle approach and as a result- You're quite effective!- B. Jackson Caesar

Vocal Performer & Entertainer