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Jackson Caesar

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I am proud to share, my (2017) debut Christmas CD, "Tis the Season!"  Available worldwide. (Apple Music, CDBaby, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, and more.  If you'd like an autographed copy, please purchase here on this website. 

About this CD production:

Hello everyone and thanks for taking time out to read through my introductory page. From the very first time I heard the phrase ‘tis the season, (‘tis is short for this is) I have said it for just about every casual conversation. Christmas music, unlike any other genre, is indeed, seasonal and for that reason, that’s why it’s also considered special music. In the beginning, as Christmas music globalized, these songs were traditionally placed within their own eras or categories such as the Chants, Dance songs (Carols), and Hymnals.

Today, many of the Christmas and holiday songs are labeled as: American Standards, secular and pop. This collaborative collection of music (‘Tis the Season) mirrors the diversities that our American Culture has adapted to. Cultivating a full range of musical backgrounds, richly enhancing our understanding of musical expressions and challenging us to consider the meaning of this season. Featuring a well-orchestrated set of musical arrangements, all male chorus, and the musical diversities such as African and Latin Rhythms, Jazz, Funk-Rock, Celtic flare, and a medley of traditional Christmas and Holiday favorites. It is my greatest honor and privilege to collaborate with the multi-talented maestro, Adrien Re.

‘Tis the Season is divided into two sections: I. Holiday music, simply defined as music appropriate for commercial observances. II. Christmas music, defined as music appropriate to the story and birth of Jesus Christ. Today, our culture is inundated with so many cares of this world and yet, there's no other time in the year do we find music centered on the themes of: Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Giving and receiving, and thankfulness.  Further, this is why this story should be told, often.

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  • The Prayer -All English (Cover)4:37

Jhon Ochoa (Photographer)

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