Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Jackson Caesar

  • All the Things You Are (Demo)3:16

  • All is Fair in Love0:00

  • 06 So Amazing (Cover)0:00

  • In a Sentimental Mood0:00

  • You Raise Me Up (Cover)4:09

  • The Impossible Dream (Cover)5:11

  • Wild is the Wind0:00

  • The Prayer -All English (Cover)4:37

  • I Need You Now (Cover)4:13

  • 03 Nature Boy (Cover)0:00

Christmas & Holiday

  • Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (Cover)5:08

Gospel & Christian Music

Enjoy these special hand picked favorites.  Genres; Jazz, R&B, Pop Inspirational, Classical, Gospel and Contemporary Music

Pop Inspirational and R&B

Jazz Ballads

Songs of Inspiration and Love

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