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Christmas/Holiday rates 

This includes; solo performance & concert performances.  

"Tis the season!"

Booking competitive and affordable rates
If you or your organization would like to have Jackson Caesar as your guest performer please see below for more details.

​​Specific events: (Please click on the link for specific details)

        Retirement and Nursing Centers   ​            Funeral & Churches              Live Band (Deposit required)

Wedding (solo) fee or with a 'live' band


Fundraiser events

Local-   $75.00 (1/4 of the performance flat rates)

Out of the area- $150.00

Rates do not include transportation, flight, nor room and board

Local rates include the following areas:


*  Gaithersburg, MD (30 mi.);         Baltimore, MD (40 mi.);         Frederick, MD (52 mi.)


*  Dulles Intl. Airport area (30 mi.);     Leesburg, VA (40 mi.);     Frederickburg, VA (53 mi.)

NOTE- Anything outside of 60 miles North, South, East or West of Washington, DC is no longer local.

Virginia & West Virginia

*   Winchester, VA (75 mi.);        Harpers Ferry, WV (68 mi.);        Richmond, VA (108 mi.)


*   Hagerstown, MD (75 mi.);      Ocean City, MD (147 mi.)

Jackson Caesar

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Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Anytime other musicians and or singers are involved:​  A deposit is required.


*  Client-  We would like to have you perform a duet...can you find someone to sing with you?

*  Client-  We would like to hire you to sing...can you and YOUR pianist/band perform?

The deposit fee is half (1/2) of the total amount asked for.  Please click on the links below to see full rates for each occasion.



P.O. Box 6072

​Hyattsville, MD 20782


Summer 2019 Performance dates:

  • Friday, June 28th 9:30pm-12:30am                              Ugly Mug (Washington, DC)  Open to the public. (Performing with Pitches Be Crazy Vocal Band)
  • Saturday, July 6th 5:00pm                                            Artistra-vaganza & 2019 Community Awards.  Washington, DC (Open to the public)
  • Sunday, July 14th  11:00am- 3:00pm                           La Côte d'Or Café Brunch (Bastille) Open to the public.  
  • Saturday, July 20th 3:00pm- 4:00pm                            Artscape Baltimore  Open to the public.  (Performing with Pitches Be Crazy Vocal Band)
  • Saturday, July 27th 7:00pm                                          Baltimore, MD.  Private
  • Sunday, July 28th 1:30pm                                            Olney, MD.  Private​
  • ​Friday, August 9th 9:30pm- 12:30am                           Ugly Mug (Washington, DC)  Open to the public. (Performing with Pitches Be Crazy Vocal Band)
  • ​Sunday, August 25th 1:30pm                                       Olney, MD.  Private

Flat Rates

 Local Solo performance-  $300.00

Out of the area solo performance-$500.00

Each additional song is 10% of the flat rate.

Example: Second song- $30.00=     $330.00...Third song- $30.00=   $360.00 etc.

Rates do not include transportation, flight, nor room and board

Concert Rates

Local  (45-60 minutes) & Out of the area (45-60 minutes


Local flat rate- $300.00 & Out of the area flat rate- $500.00

Rates do not include include transportation, flight, nor room and board