Anytime other musicians and or singers are involved:​  A deposit is required.


*  Client-  We would like to have you perform a duet...can you find someone to sing with you?

*  Client-  We would like to hire you to sing...can you and YOUR pianist/band perform?

The deposit fee is half (1/2) of the total amount asked for.  Please click on the links below to see full rates for each occasion.



P.O. Box 6072

​Hyattsville, MD 20782


Booking competitive and affordable rates
If you or your organization would like to have Jackson Caesar as your guest performer please see below for more details.

Jackson Caesar

Christmas/Holiday rates $150.00

This includes; solo performance & concert performances.  

"Tis the season!"

Vocal Performer & Entertainer

Fundraiser events

Local-   $75.00 (1/4 of the performance flat rates)

Out of the area- $150.00

Rates do not include transportation, flight, nor room and board

Specific events: (Please click on the link for specific details)

Christmas and Holiday          Retirement and Nursing Centers   ​            Funeral & Churches              Live Band (Deposit required)

Wedding (solo) fee or with a 'live' band


Local rates include the following areas:


*  Gaithersburg, MD (30 mi.);         Baltimore, MD (40 mi.);         Frederick, MD (52 mi.)


*  Dulles Intl. Airport area (30 mi.);     Leesburg, VA (40 mi.);     Frederickburg, VA (53 mi.)

NOTE- Anything outside of 60 miles North, South, East or West of Washington, DC is no longer local.

Virginia & West Virginia

*   Winchester, VA (75 mi.);        Harpers Ferry, WV (68 mi.);        Richmond, VA (108 mi.)


*   Hagerstown, MD (75 mi.);      Ocean City, MD (147 mi.)

Flat Rates

 Local Solo performance-  $300.00

Out of the area solo performance-$500.00

Each additional song is 10% of the flat rate.

Example: Second song- $30.00=     $330.00...Third song- $30.00=   $360.00 etc.

Rates do not include include transportation, flight, nor room and board

Concert Rates

Local flat concert-  $500.00 (45-60 minutes)

Out of the area concert-  $1,000.00 (45-60 minutes


Local flat rate- $300.00

Out of the area flat rate- $500.00

Rates do not include include transportation, flight, nor room and board